Sunday, January 24, 2010

Desktop V Twin Engine

From the website:

This is the fully operational, internal combustion V-twin engine that is optimally balanced for minimum vibration and smooth operation up to 1,500 rpm. Made by a German engineering company, it is built using two aluminum 1 1/2 cc cylinders and stainless steel exhaust pipes. After filling its reservoir with butane (commonly available at drug stores), the engine is started by turning its solid brass flywheel. Its piezo magneto attaches to a timing disc that is precisely calibrated to send an electrical impulse to the two spark plugs that ignite the fuel within each cylinder.

The individual movements of the valve rods, crosshead, and crankshaftIts are clearly visible at lower revolutions, and its efficient puttering equals the noise output of a kitchen blender. Its non-toxic exhaust allows you to operate the engine in a ventilated room. It operates up to 10 minutes from a full tank.

Get One Here: Hammacher Schlemmer

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