Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oneforty Rolls Out Premium Twitter App Marketplace; Raises $1.9 Million

There's no doubt that Twitter has managed to create a vibrant ecosystem of third party apps and services around its microblogging platform. When we wrote about oneforty, a social app directory for all things Twitter, last year, the startup's founder and CEO, Laura Fitton, hinted at the eventual roll-out of an e-commerce marketplace where third-party developers can sell their apps. Last week, we broke the news of the imminent launch of the marketplace and today, the e-commerce platform is officially being launched. Effective today, developers can integrate with oneforty's e-commerce tools to sell apps directly through the site. Developers must sell at a minimum price of $0.99, and oneforty will take a 25% commission from each sale. Apps that are sold above a certain price ($14.50) will have their commission prices dropped to 20%. The payments system will be powered by PayPal. Apps for sale will be featured prominently on oneforty's home page, allowing developers greater visibility if they are participating in the marketplace. Fitton says that the marketplace is still a work in progress, and is still very much an alpha test to see what developers need and want from the platform.

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