Friday, January 15, 2010

Sony MDR-NC300D Noise Canceling Headphones

Most noise canceling headphones are big, bulky, and heavy but Sony’s new noise canceling headphones removes the bulk and heaviness.

The headphones are perfect for a person that simply wants to relax with nothing more than the words or sound of music or audio books. Frequent flyers will also enjoy the noise canceling headphone’s ability to cancel out engine noise and the sounds of passengers and airplane employees.

The MDR-NC3000D are Sony’s first digital noise canceling headphones and is a step forward for Sony. Over the years, the company has released quite a few high-rated headphones and is hoping to deliver superior performance and noise cancellation with their newer noise canceling headphones.

The headphones don’t promise to eliminate all noise, however, the headphones come close. The noise canceling headphones can offer up to 98.4 percent noise reduction. The noise reduction is done through an Artificial Intelligence noise-canceling feature. The headphones also promise superb sound quality and an inline remote for controlling a number of settings as well as the volume.

Sony also understands that when it comes to headphone ear-buds one size rarely fits all. To solve this problem the noise canceling headphones comes with seven sets of ear tips. This should help a person find a fit that is perfect for their ear.

The noise canceling headphones run on a AAA cell battery and offers an impressive 20 hours of battery life. The headphones should be available next month and will cost about $300. Despite the high price, the headphones will likely sell quickly.

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